About Us

Alder Homes is a multigenerational housebuilding company based in County Kildare. We build homes for families who aspire to more spacious living, better house design and energy-saving innovations.

Cluain Dara project in process 2020
Cluain Dara - phase 3 in progress, May 2020

Alder Homes was previously known as Landport Estates Ltd. Currently, we have two active developments in Country Kildare; Ballintine Park in Allen and Cluain Dara in Derrinturn, with several other developments at the planning stage. We typically design and build our developments in select communities that sit just outside the more traditional commuter zones as we believe these areas offer some key advantages. 

  • Lower Density
    The lower cost of land in these outer areas means we don’t have to squash the maximum number of houses on a plot. Typically houses in these areas are larger than average and on larger blocks of land. There is always plenty of green space too.
  • What if you don't work in the City?
    Not every one works in Dublin City. And while the city centre is usually within commuting distance of our communities there are many working opportunities west of the city in the M50 corridor – or maybe you’re considering working from home a few days a week?
  • Working from Home
    All our developments have fibre broadband available to facilitate working from home. A larger house size might mean a dedicated office space for you too.
  • Country Living Lifestyle
    If that’s what you’re into! Our communities are simply wonderful places to live! Less built up areas, less pollution, more trees and meadows. Not to mention a plethora of easily accessible natural recreation areas.

We are passionate about building homes for families who want a spacious home, on a decent sized plot with all that country living as to offer. You can get all this, usually within about 30 miles of Dublin city and at a very affordable price in comparison to other developments situated closer to the city. We invite you to consider our communities in County Kildare, in Ballintine Park, Allen and Cluain Dara, Derrinturn.