Our new name Alder Homes

Alder Homes
Alder Homes is the new trading name for Landport Estates Ltd.

Over the last few months, we’ve been reflecting on our business of home building, particularly our mission to build homes of the highest quality in locations that make them more affordable to more families. For some time we have recognised that the previous “brand” was really just a logo with a name that didn’t mean much to anyone outside HQ. We decided to look for a name that better described our sense of purpose as a home building company and our dedication to our customers, the home-buyer.

Alder Leaf

The Alder is a native Irish tree, many of which are found within Kildare County. We had our hearts set on the name for a while. However, it was only when we began experimenting with the new logo design that we realised that the leaf, at a particular stage of growth, formed the shape of a heart. That was the clincher! We are delighted with how the new branding came together and very proud of our new name.

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